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It’s time for desserts. Yaayyy ! The most exciting time of the party, when those luscious looking delicious dainties come out to be served to drooling guests who dont want to look like they are drooling ! Desserts are more than the icing on the cake, they are actually the reason for the party to very many.

In this course, I will take you through the rudiments of baking 8 amazing desserts from scratch to finish. Plus how to make two types of cheese that you can use to make some of your desserts. From delicious cheesecakes to light and luscious cream caramel, you will learn the step by step practical guide to making these delicious treats and dressing them up in all their glory. Lets go desserting.

Course Curriculum

Welcome To Module 6 FREE 00:01:42
Cheese Making
Ricotta Cheese Making (Module 6) 00:18:34
Cream Cheese Making (Module 6) 00:04:55
Whipping Your Cream
Nhat Huong Whipping Cream (Module 6) 00:00:00
Cassata Fillings And Toppings
Cassata Cherry Pie Filling and Topping (Module 6) 00:00:00
Cassata Salted Caramel Sauce 00:00:00
Cassata Crumble and Pies
Making Cassata Pie Crust 00:17:00
Cassata Apple Pie Filling 00:06:00
Cassata Apple Crumble & Cassata Apple and Blueberry Crumble 00:14:00
Cassata Apple Pie and Cassata Apple & Blueberry Crumble Pie. 00:17:00
Cassata Fruit Tarts
Cassata Strawberry Tart and Cassata Mixed Fruit Tart 00:23:00
Cassata Black Forest Gateau
Cassata Black Forest Gateau Recipe 00:00:00
Leveling a cake (Module 6) 00:05:29
Damming a Cake – Method 1 (Module 6) 00:00:00
Sticking a Cake on the Board (Module 6) 00:00:00
Holding Cake Layers In Place(Module 6) 00:00:00
Making Crumbs(Module 6) 00:00:00
Crumbing a Cake(Module 6) 00:00:00
Making Chocolate Curls(Module 6) 00:00:00
Finishing the Black Forest Cake(Module 6) 00:00:00
Cassata Chilled Cheesecakes
Making The Biscuit Base 00:03:00
Preparing the Cheesecake Pans 00:02:00
Filling the Cheesecake Pans 00:11:00
Cassata Chilled Lemon Cheesecake 00:00:00
Cassata Classic Cheesecake 00:11:00
Blooming and Melting Gelatine 00:03:00
Cassata Ombre Strawberry Cheesecake (Part 1) 00:12:00
Cassata Ombre Strawberry Cheesecake (Part 2) 00:11:00
Cassata Ombre Strawberry Cheesecake (Part 3) 00:20:00
Module 6 Assignment 00:00:00

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  1. My experience on the platform


    Who say u can’t learn from the comfort of your home? I am so glad to be part of this class. it has been a wonderful experience in banking intelligence from the platform which is user-friendly, the tutor which her instructions are explicit, well detailed, and to the course mate who got ur back and put u through as well. I also learn how to make some key ingredient instead of buying them.The platform is simply exceptional. So bakers that find it difficult to travel to learn due to one reason or another pls register on these platform and you will not regert it.

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Baking Intelligence By Cassata, is West Africa's premier online baking school. Leveraging on our wealth of experience here at Cassata, we provide courses tailored for the practical Baker, to not only bake amazing products, but maximize profits while at it.

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