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Protected: Cassata Rich Fruit Cake Recipe – For Stacked Tiered Cakes

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February 9, 2018

13 responses on "Cassata Rich Fruit Cake Recipe - For Stacked Tiered Cakes"

  1. Can’t wait to try them out. Does the oven we use affect the moist in our cake? I use local gas oven and I always think it Mayb reduces the moist in d cake coz it usually gets very hot. So please would like to know dat. Thanx.

    • The oven you use definitely affects the outcome of your cake. If your oven didnt come with an oven thermometer you will definitely need to buy one. If you are Lagos based and you need one let me know. Also to keep moisture in the cake you will notice that a pan of water is placed in the oven throughout baking. As the water evaporates due to the oven heat, the steam from the water will keep the cake moist throughout the baking process and afterwards. Keeping a pan of water in the oven is a very important step in baking this cake.

  2. I have fruits that I soaked in alcohol for over 2years. Can I still use it or do I discard it. In respect to the 48hrs soaking of fruits in d recipe

    • Absolutely, you can use it.The longer fruits are soaked the better they taste. Dont discard of it. But you can add the almond and lemon essence and leave for at least 48 hrs for the flavours to penetrate the fruits.

  3. Can you please share some good examples of butter and margarine.. Thank you

  4. Ma under marine can i include topper butter

  5. Hello ma. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. My question is,in all your fruits cake recipe you use rum. I usually use Gin to soak my fruits,can i continue with that or you think i should switch to rum.

    • You’re welcome Tobi. I’m aware some people use gin in their fruit cakes but I dont recommend it. I find Gin to be quite harsh and it gives an unrefined taste to the cake. Instead use rum and if rum is not available, use brandy.

  6. What brand of rum will you recommend MA?
    Is it that rum is better than brandy?

  7. Is lemon essence or pistachio essence found easily in cakes stores. If using vanilla essence do we pour into the rum too?

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